Hi, I am Carolyn Rausch, the owner of Rausch Rabbitry.  I am a sophomore in high school and actively involved in 4H and ARBA.  I have owned rabbits all my life, but recently decided to start breeding them.   I acquired my first Lionheads in October 2017.  My lines mainly come from KNK Lionheads and Shabby Acres Rabbitry.  A big thanks to them for helping me get started!  I have had so much fun with this breed and cannot wait to see what the future brings.  Because I have enjoyed my Lionheads so much, I have decided to add a new breed!  I recently purchased a Holland Lop buck from Holland Lover's Rabbitry.  He has one junior leg and his sire has over 26 Grand Champion legs!  I cannot wait to see what this breed, and my Lionheads, have in store for me.  I would love for you to be apart of my journey!

I currently have three Lionheads and one Holland Lop.  I prefer to keep my rabbitry small, as it allows me to socialize and spend as much time as possible with my rabbits!  My rabbits are housed in spacious, outdoor cages in the summer, and in the winter they are housed in our heated garage!  My rabbits get frequent exercise, whether that be in outdoor pens, or just around the house.  I take great pride in well socialized rabbits that conform to the ARBA Standard of Perfection.  When you purchase a rabbit from us, you can expect a purebred, pedigreed, and socialized rabbit!  I breed rabbits because I want to further the breed, and because I love them and all their personalities!  I only want my rabbits to go to the best homes!  I encourage all prospective buyers to do their research and read our 'Rabbit Care' page!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I am a lifetime source!

Please look around our website to meet our bunnies and check out available/upcoming litters.

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