we do not have rabbits available at this time, check back with us spring 2019!

in the meantime, contact us to be placed on our waiting list.


SALES/reservation policy

Thank you for your interest in our purebred and pedigreed Lionheads and Holland Lops!  All available rabbits will be posted onto this page.

By reserving a rabbit, you are confirming that you are ready to make a 8-10 year commitment and provide the best life possible for your rabbit.

All bunnies will need to be reserved until their pick up date.  We ask that a 50% deposit be made.  If it says AVAILABLE next to the rabbit, it means that you are free to make a deposit on or after the reservation date (the date that we will start taking deposits).  If it says PENDING, we are in the process of reserving a rabbit for someone.  If it says RESERVED next to the rabbit, someone has already made their 50% deposit.  Should they back out, the rabbit will be available again.  Our deposits are non refundable unless illness or death occurs in our care.  If you would like to be put on our waiting list, please contact us.  We will receive deposits from our waiting list BEFORE the public reservation date.  The reservation date will be 6 weeks after the babies are born.  Until then, all on our waiting will be contacted.

All bunnies will come with:

  • A baggie of food.
  • A nail trim.
  • A pedigree.
  • A care sheet.

Rabbits do not need yearly vet checks.  All bunnies are healthy to the best of our knowledge.  Contact us if you would like your rabbit checked by a vet - you will be charged.

Contact us via our website, email rauschrabbitry@gmail.com, or Facebook Messenger.  We receive cash or check payments.  Feel free to make an appointment to meet our rabbits before deciding.


available lionheads

We do not have any Lionheads for sale at this time.  Check back spring 2019.  Contact us to be placed on our waiting list.


available holland lops

We do not have any Holland Lops for sale at this time.  Check back spring 2019.  Contact us to be placed on our waiting list.