Our lionheads


Lionheads are a small breed weighing up to 3 3/4 lbs.  They are known for their wool mane and skirt.  They come in many colors, showable and unshowable.  The current ARBA recognized varieties are Tort, REW, Chocolate, Siamese Sable, and Seal.  Despite being a rather new breed, they have already made their way up to being one of the most popular pet rabbits!



Aspenleaf Romeo

gc aspenleaf rudy x gc aspenleaf blush



shabby acres' cottonwood

aspenleaf cyrpress x J&J's blue bonnet


knk's delikassee

knk's robin hood x cgigi's mamba block

580C9D39-32D8-4AD6-95B6-93B20BF89241 (1).JPG

Grand champion aspenleaf calantha

Lionaround tugs x pridelands chanchita

3 GC Legs

  • Photo courtesy of Suzanne Hansen